Friday, August 5, 2016

Election 2016 Campaign Photo Album

Trump Secret Service Reno 11/5/2016

Clinton Ohio Halloween 2016 

Huma Abedin 10/28 FBI probe

Clinton North Carolina 10/23/2016

Campaign planes Las Vegas 10/18

Hindus for Trump event in New Jersey, 10/15 - Pepe the Frog

10/9 pre-debate photo-op with Clinton sex assault accusers


Trump Loveland CO 10/3

Trump Rally Melbourne FL 9/27

first debate, 9.26 Youngstown, PA (photo: J Merriman)

addressing Laborers' International Union of North America 9/21

Clinton White Plains 9/19

Trump in Miami 9/16

Clinton on Fallon 9/16

Trump on Fallon 9/15

Clinton in Greensboro, NC 9/15

Clinton leaving 9/11 ceremony in NYC

Hillary & Huma White Plains NY 9/9

Commander in Chief Forum, American Legion Post 9/7 FL

Clinton press pool Cleveland Labor Day 9/5

Trump Pence Canfield, OH 9/5 Labor Day

Clinton in Hamptons, 8/28, 267 days without press conference

Clinton, Kimmel Live 8/22

Fairfield, CT Trump rally 8/13

Trump supporter to CNN at FL rally 8/11

Mateen at Clinton FL event 8/8

Trump rally Dayton, FL 8/3

Commerce City, CO 8/3